What’s the difference?

The internet is full of “before & after” photos and videos. Some are true, some are photoshopped lies, “doctored” to lure you into paying lots of money for something hard to achieve or downright impossible. Well, we are not photoshop masters, but we really know our way around hair and make-up. And most of all, we know our way with people… good at understanding what they want and good at pointing out what suits them.

And here are some of our “before and after” images. You will notice the physical difference… yes – new haircut, new hairstyle, new make-up. All are important, but you will notice something else: NEW ATTITUDE. That’s the difference we believe you should look for when choosing anything in life, from a trivial t-shirt, to a new hairstyle, from a song you listen in the morning to the friends you choose to meet for dinner, from a new fitness routine to a radical career change. Look for the POSITIVE that each choice brings into your life, look for a new attitude or a mood change that every little (or big) thing can bring, helping you feel better, helping you accomplish more on the long term.

So, that’s what we’re striving to achieve, that’s OUR difference: when stepping out from TheHair salon, everyone FEELS better. And it’s their merit; we’re just helping a bit.